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The Impact of Clutter

There are zillions of articles regarding clutter on the internet.  Here are Edits Inc.'s picks of the top 10 articles that will change your perception of clutter, yourself, and how we can live better lives. 


The Emotional Toll of Clutter

If you have issues with clutter, then this article is a must-read.  It dissects the emotional impact of clutter and makes us more aware of how our living environment is a reflection of the inward emotional state, which is in turn, being impacted by the outward clutter as well.  The article also groups clutter into 4 major categories and describes strategies to understand and overcome them. 

As the saying goes - change your vision, change your life.  

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The Power of Vulnerability

Watch this, and you'll be completely blown away.  There is not a single mention of clutter in this TED Talks video, but it does talk about how one emotional aspect of clutter, shame, disconnects us from people, and how we may overcome it.  We cannot write more without giving away the revelation.  

Bottom line, don't shy away from help if you are swimming in clutter.  Instead, know that help is available and help is not judgmental. 

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Home Organization is a Major Source of Stress for Americans

"84% of Americans say that they worry that their home isn't clean or organized enough, and within that group, 55% call it out as a source of recent stress.".  Find out what recent survey of over 1,000 adults in US says about what Americans are stressed about.  

You are not alone - many Americans feel that combating clutter in their house or apartment will help create a calming environment where they can deal with the external stress factors better.  What's more, the article proves that the "broken window" theory holds - people are significantly more likely to litter in an already-messy environment than they are in clean environments. 

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Well, we haven't found the rest yet.  If you come across great articles that you think should be listed, do drop us a note.

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Although my space is very cluttered and messy, I can still find whatever that I need in a split second.  So why do I need to be organized?

Yes, some people do not mind living in an "organized mess", but here are four important reasons why everyone should get rid of clutter and get organized. 

1.  Cleanliness and safety


It is impossible to clean when there are piles of clutter around.  Clutter piles collect dust, food crumbs, and worse, creepy crawlies may build a comfy home somewhere inside - YUCKS, YUCKS!!!  Now imagine your or your kids rummaging through that pile of what-nots - YUCKS, YUCKS, YUCKS!!!  The cleanliness of our homes and offices contribute to our health and of those around us - so don't take unnecessary risks. 

2.  Social embarassment

When your friends or your kids' friends come over for dinner or homework, what will they think (much less say) about the clutter?  It is highly likely you'll hear an awkward silence the next time you invite them over.  It is not worth living in embarrassment because of clutter. 

3.  Your professional image

Even if you've demonstrated superhuman abilities at work, a promotion is quite unlikely if your desk is cluttered.  A cluttered desk projects the image of a slob - lazy, lack of self-discipline, procrastinator, perennially late.  Show your professionalism with an organized work area and gain the trust of the big guns. 

3.  Focus and productivity

Helping your kids with their science project, but can't find space to spread out the work?  Distracted by the thought of clearing some space?  A cluttered space doesn't just undermine your productivity - there just isn't any room to think, plan and execute.  Get organized.  Let your space give you the motivation to work. 

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