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Drop us a note if you can't find the answer you're looking for below. 

How much does decluttering project cost?

While we have provided a range of hours for different types of areas, every client has a unique clutter challenge.  We provide a quotation upon seeing the place and peeking into every nook and cranny (yes, we open all the closet doors). 

A project cost consists of the following components: 

(a)  Organizing project fee, depending on project complexity

(b)  Cost of storage equipment and/or 3rd-party services + 12% service charge

How do you decide which items to keep, toss, or donate?

Our code of ethics does not allow us to make such decisions on behalf of our clients​.  

During the purge process, we coach you on what you should keep, but you made all the decisions yourself.  And you will live with the consequences of those decisions. 

If your decisions have negative impact on the storage efficiency, we will highlight that to you.  However, all we can do is to work around the decisions you've made. 

Can I trust Edits Inc to handle my personal effects?

We respect our clients' confidentiality.  Therefore, all our projects are covered by confidentiality clauses.  We also abide by the code of ethnics of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and the Australasia Association of Professional Organizers (AAPO)

Will I be identified in any posts on your website?

We take a lot of effort to ensure that our client's confidentiality is never compromised.  All identifiable client information is moved from videos and photos before posting.  We also do not mention any client names on our website, unless a client has given specific consent to do so. 

Even though my space is very cluttered and messy, I can still find whatever that I need in a split second.  So why do I need to be organized?

Yes, some people do not mind living in an "organized mess", but it's not just about you.  Here 3 important reasons why we should declutter and get organized. 

  1. Focus and productivity - you can be more effective at work just by having a clean and clear space to work in.  At home, you can enjoy an unhurried morning or evening with your family. 

  2. Cleanliness and safety - cluttered homes and offices are trip hazards for your family members and co-workers.  Also, cleaning is easier to do when the space is uncluttered. 

  3. Relationships - less clutter means less stress.  We feel more relaxed about inviting people over and can build more meaningful relationships. 

Have more questions?  Send them over and we'll reply, and also feature them in this FAQ. 

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