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Why hire a storage planner or professional organizer?

​Yes, it does appear that you can do get things organized yourself (if or when there is time to), or your domestic helper can.  But:

  • You'll probably have the same difficulty looking for things after they have been put them away.

  • ​Somehow new things always magically appear to fill up the spaces you've cleared up.

  • Your domestic helper will ask a ton of questions about where things belong.

  • Nobody ever has the time to (who ever does these days?).


​Because clutter happens when it is too troublesome to retrieve or put away our things.

It's not just about cleaning up.  It's about creating the right storage design and having a practical storage plan that is built around your lifestyle and activities. 

This requires combining ergonomics, workflow and design principles.  That's where we come into the picture.

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