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Need help organizing your study or your kid's room? 


Are you frustrated at the piles of messes in your office? 


Is your IT or marketing store room running out of space? 


Bid your frustrations goodbye.  Arrange a site assessment with us today and get your home/ office/ store room organized, permanently

Thank you for your enquiry! We'll call you within 6 hours.

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Declutter.   Organize.   Energize.

Since Nov 2012, we've been helping clients transform their chaotic homes and offices into pleasant, orderly spaces. 

Spaces where they can stay organized and feel energized.  

Spaces to give their personal and business growth a boost.

From loft bachelor pads to lofty downtown offices, 

Get started with our 4-hour REFRESH service (contact form).

No space is too messy, too crammed or too chaotic for Edits Inc.  ;)

Hi there!  My name is Haw-San Au-Yong, but everyone calls me San ... maybe it's because I restore "sanity" into people's lives!  

I used to be an industrial engineer - building huge warehouses and optimizing complex operations processes.  Ever wonder why warehouses, unlike homes or offices, rarely ever fall apart, or need regular "decluttering"? Because they're designed and then set-up intentionally, with specific functions in mind.

Now, I use the same skills to help clients define the vision for their space, declutter what they've accumulated, and organize the items they have efficiently. 

Follow my Facebook and Instagram to see the insane spaces I visit everyday!



Tel:  +65 6803 9573

On-duty mobile:  +65 9431 8057


165 Bedok South Road
Singapore 460165


Directions to our showroom: 

Bus/ MRT


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