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Featured Project #1/14

The problem

The homeowners had lots of space in the master bedroom, filled with a myriad of storage equipment that did not meet the their needs.  So their belongings were scattered everywhere.  They had a huge collection, but still kept buying new items because they could not see what they had, due to the haphazard piles of clutter.


Their collection consisted of:  


  • Clothing - from summer to winter, from inner to outer wear.  

  • Bags - from purses, clutches and totes to weekenders and luggages. 

  • Jewellery - probably sufficient to rival Queen Elizabeth's. 

  • Shoes - from sandals and flats to heels, informal and formal. 

  • Beauty products - for every part of the body, probably enough to last until 2015 and beyond. 

Almost everything was kept in boxes, hidden from view.  As a result, it was difficult to see, let alone retrieve and use the items that were needed. 


The apartment had very tall ceilings, which could have been better utilized.  And while the space was large, it was mostly taken up by things, or occupied by a mish-mash of storage equipment (some of which were quite fancy). 

The solution

Click on any image to see the full-sized photo.  Scroll left or right to view all the pictures in the album. 

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