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How is a decluttering project carried out?

  1. We conduct a complimentary* one-hour site survey to understand your organizing needs and lifestyle. 

  2. Then we provide a quotation detailing work scope, time estimates and suggested storage equipment.

  3. Once the project is agreed, we start by sorting and grouping your belongings.

  4. Then comes ​The Purge.  We advise you on the items to toss, donate or keep, but you'll be doing the purging personally.

  5. Afterwards, sit back, relax and even go on a vacation while we work.

  6. ​On Reveal Day, we'll walk you through the space, give you an easy 5-to-10-minute routine to keep it clutter-free and give you some before/ after photos for commemoration (and motivation).

The Edits Inc. service guarantee:

​Every project is important to us because decluttering and getting organized change lives for the better.  Change is never easy.  That's why we are committed to delivering the best to  our customers.

1.  Functional spaces that meet your lifestyle needs.

Regardless of what you do for a living, or your lifestyle, we ensure that the organized space makes sense for you.  So no time is wasted while reaching for the items you need.

2.  Clutter-free spaces that are easy to maintain.

To stay organized, a one-time effort is never enough.  When we're done organizing, we'll give you a quick and easy-to-follow 5-to-10 minute daily routine so that clutter can never crawl its way back again.

3.  Organized spaces that will remain permanently clutter-free.

We promise that the clutter will never return again - or else we will re-do the project at our own expense.*

*Terms & conditions apply. 

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