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Service Rates

If you're worried that Chaos Therapy would cost an arm and a leg (like psychotherapy does), here's a breakdown of our service fees, so you know what you're getting in to.  While every quote is a customized one, our fees is made up of 3 constant components.


1.          The organizing fee

This fee is for doing the consultation, project planning (storage design, coordination of deliveries and installation) and the actual organizing work.  In every project, we spend as much time on the project planning as we do on the actual organizing.  Why?  Because we understand that an organizing project is disruptive to our clients, so by planning ahead, we ensure that YOU can have an organized and calm sanctuary within the shortest time possible. 


2.          Cost of purchasing storage materials or other services

These are as-is costs, and will include delivery and installation where applicable.  Whether it is $100 or a few thousand, it all depends on the parameters that you set us with.  If you want to keep that an "heirloom" dressing table, then we do our best to use that in our storage design.  And you can be assured we won't come up with a $1,000 proposal if your have a $100 budget. 


You may want to ask us to coordinate other cleaning and renovation works at the same time, whether large or small.  For example, electrician may come into fix some lights, or the aircon guy to install a new unit.  We have access to a pool of trustworthy contractors, and will coordinate their comings and goings for you, and be on site where necessary. 


3.          A 12% fee for purchasing storage materials

We spend time researching and sourcing the right storage materials to maximize your space, and purchasing them, so you don't have to.  

If you think your loved ones need help, but he/she may not be open to a full-blown project, why not buy a one-hour consultation at $100 (per room), as a gift.  Use that for housewarming, anniversaries, birthdays, or just to say "I love you". 


In that hour, we will help your loved ones to understand the impact of the clutter upon his/her life and dish out some ideas on how to get started.  It's a risk-free proposition for you and your loved ones - if he/she likes it, we can then work on a project;  if not, at least a seed has been sown towards a better future.  

The organizing fee

If you are looking to organize your home or office, this is a general guide so you have a feel for what it would cost, but we still have to see your place to provide a quote.  Bear in mind that for every room organized, you stand to gain $7,450 worth of productive time, per person, per year.  And in case you wonder why there are no warehouse pictures below - our warehouse organizing service is only available through custom quote only. 


Our only word of caution:  the pictures below do not fully represent the extent of clutter and mayhem in each case.  For more pictures, visit our Facebook page. 


If your room looks like this:  

Organizing fee = $640, or below, per room

If your room looks like this:

Organizing fee = $960, or below, per room


Don't worry if you feel your room is worse that the two cases above.  Just let us come in and have a look.  We will not faint at the sight of the clutter.  On the contrary, you'll probably hear us squeal with delight!

Looking for a site survey or a quotation?



1.  Organizing service fee does not include:

  • Drop-off of donation items to charity organizations. 

  • Fees for third-party services, such as professional cleaners, movers, interior designers and renovation, closet specialists, etc. 

2.  # A consultation fee of $100 per room is chargeable for initial site survey and client interview.  If Edits Inc's organizing services are eventually taken up, the project fee will be reduced by the amount of the consultation fee already paid.  

*Terms & conditions apply. 

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