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What it is

Make your customers happy - no more wrong orders, missed delivery deadlines and time wasted looking for inventory.  Have the warehouse space you need to support business growth without necessarily renting more space.  

Talk to us to find out what we can do to optimize your warehouse layout and operations processes. 

Applicable for: 

SMEs whose warehouse operations stop working the day the warehouse supervisor calls in sick, or just can't seem to keep up with their growth ambitions. 

Approximate project duration:   ~3 months

Service scope

  • Inventory profile analysis and warehouse re-layout. 
  • Order fulfillment process review and redesign. 
  • Set-up new warehouse processes:  revising SOP's and providing training. 
  • Project managing procurement and installation of storage racking and shelving. 
  • Project managing implementation of new warehouse layout and processes.

And don't forget our unique Edits Inc. service guarantee!

Find out more.

*Terms & conditions apply. 

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