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You find tax-filing season taxing.  And when audit season comes, you can't find the documents the auditors are asking for.  You wish there's a way to re-start from a clean slate and sort out the filing cabinets once and for all


Impress the bosses by having all the files at your fingertips.  Instead of spending time after work to do it, let us get it done for you in one week, or less. 


We don't just organize your filing or archives.  We create a system so you can easily add files in the future, and still keep track perfectly.  


We will:

  • Design the storage plan according to your company's archiving needs

  • Sort all items

  • Coach you on what files to keep

  • Purchase the storage equipment needed (optional)

  • Organize items according to the storage plan

  • Capture data from the business cards (for future use in e.g. email promotion programs)

  • Scan printed photos into JPEG softcopy files


Read more about our process here.


  • Admin managers (archiving project records)

  • Marketing or Corp Comms managers (archiving historical records)

  • HR managers (archiving employee records)



Applicable areas: 

Project records, contractual records, photo/CD/DVD archives, marketing collateral archives, etc.

We scan and digitize:

Business cards and printed photos


Project fee:  

$3,590 per ~100sqft of storage area (for corporate filing)

$650 per work-day (for personal filing)


$0.23 per business card (digital data capture)

$0.85 per photo (scanning)


+ add-on services/ products (if any)

+ 12% of add-on services/ products (if any)




3 to 5 days (for organizing projects)

2 to 4 weeks (for digital data capture/ scanning)

Includes (for organizing projects):

  • Layout and storage recommendation #

  • 2 to 3-person project team

  • Rubbish bags 

  • Wiping down interior of storage furniture

  • Loan of sortation boxes

  • Removing rubbish bags to the trash-collection point or shredder

Includes (for digitizing projects):

  • Organizing hardcopies of the business cards or the photos

Add-ons (recommended):

  • Purchase of storage furniture and/or products

  • Delivery of storage furniture and/or products

  • Assembly of storage furniture

  • Purchase of storage hard drives

  • Pick-up and delivery of business cards and photo hardcopies



Add-ons (others):

  • Cleaning of the room or exterior of storage furniture

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