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If your family or staff don't have the time or strength to pack, unpack or coordinate the entire move, we can take care of that for you.   


Whether your move date is in 2 days or 2 weeks, our professional organizers can help you get ready before the movers swarm your place.  


Ask us for as much help (the whole office) or as little (just the kitchen and store room) as you need.  


Our professional organizers don't just toss things from shelves into boxes.  We sort through your bits and bobs, and plan the packing carefully so:


  • You move only the things you want 

  • You can unpack within 2 days at your destination

  • Your items don't end up at the wrong destination (in a multi-destination move)


  • "I'm busy at work or travelling overseas during the move"

  • "I do not want to trouble my elderly parents for the move"

  • "How should my staff prepare for the move?" 

  • "We need to move out of our office for a short renovation"


Whatever your situation, we can manage the entire move for you.  We communicate with your staff, obtain permits, coordinate with the movers and tell them where to place the furniture/ boxes in the new place, inspect large items, etc., so you don't have to take time out of your regular schedule or trouble your loved ones. 


Appoint your own mover, or we can arrange a reliable mover.  If necessary, we can arrange for temporary storage too. 


Imagine this - all your boxes unpacked in
2 days
(for homes <3,000sqft).


No more guessing which item is in which box - we'll unpack and organize them according to your lifestyle or workflow.  


You can ask for as much or little help as you need.  Let our "instant" home/ office make your move a breeze. 


Project fee:  

$650 per work-day, or $180 per CBM


+ add-on services (if any)

+ 12% of add-on services (if any)


  • No minimum

  • You choose the scope of work, depending on how much help you need

  • As a reference, our 3-man team covers ~3.5CBM (packing) or ~7CBM (unpacking) per work-day


  • 3-person team

  • 8 hours per day

  • A loan of 45 plastic packing boxes for the duration of the move (for every 3.5CBM)

  • Rubbish bags

  • Labels

  • Removing rubbish bags to the trash-collection point

Add-ons services (optional):

  • Junk removal of large items according to NEA requirements

  • Mover transport

  • Packing boxes and materials (provided by mover)

  • Cleaning services

  • Temporary storage of items

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