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You've tried decluttering your home many times, but it doesn't get finished.  Or you're tired of doing it again and again every 6 months without any lasting results.  You wish you can just press a reset button and get your home organized once and for all.


Make room for intimate moments and lasting memories.  Take out the nagging, the clutter, and create a calm, relaxing, and organized home that you'll enjoy for years to come.


Our professional organizers will:

  • Design the workflow and storage plan according to your lifestyle 

  • Sort all items in the area

  • Coach you on what to keep

  • Purchase the storage equipment needed (optional)

  • Organize items according to the storage plan


Read more about our process here.


  • Busy frequent-flyer executives

  • Families with school-going children

  • Tenants


You can choose to have our team:

  • Carry out the project for you;  or

  • Design a detailed storage plan that you can implement yourself


Applicable areas: 

Wardrobe, bedroom, storeroom, study, kitchen, living and dining, etc.


Project fee:  

Storage plans:  $380 per area/ room


Full project:  $690 to $1,790 per area/ room

(depending on complexity)


+ add-on services/ products (if any)

+ 12% of add-on services/ products (if any)




1 to 3 days per area/ room

(depending on complexity)


  • Layout and furniture recommendation #

  • 2 to 3-person project team

  • Rubbish bags 

  • Donation bags

  • Wiping down interior of storage furniture

  • Loan of sortation boxes

  • Detailed storage plan*

  • A list of storage products to purchase*

  • Removing rubbish bags to the trash-collection point

Add-ons (recommended):

  • Purchase, delivery and assembly of storage furniture/ products



Add-ons (others):

  • Cleaning of the room or exterior of existing storage furniture

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