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Clients walk into your office and they see piles of paper, equipment and office supplies.  The cleaners work very hard, yet a musty smell still lingers in the office.  And you're worried someone might trip over something one of these days.  You want your employees to enjoy a more conducive and refreshing work environment without spending big bucks on a renovation.


Clutter creates stress, because it symbolizes tasks waiting to be completed.  Piles of clutter are also safety hazards.  If the floors are filled with things, cleaning alone will not clear away the dust and critters trapped in the piles.  These allergens are the root cause of the "sick office syndrome".


A productive workforce starts with an organized workspace.  Let your employees breathe easy, both physically and mentally, by calling in our professional organizers. 


Our professional organizers will:

  • Design the area's layout and storage plan according to ideal workflow

  • Sort all items in the area

  • Coach your employees on what to keep

  • Purchase the storage equipment needed (optional, but recommended)

  • Organize items according to the storage plan


Read more about our process here.


  • Companies who want organize and freshen-up their cluttered and dated 5-year-old office space

  • IT, accounting, or HR department managers who have a lot of equipment and documents, but nowhere to keep them

  • Facility management companies who want to increase productivity and reduce manpower on-site 

  • Office managers or fire-safety team leaders who conduct regular safety audits in the office



Applicable areas: 

Office desks and cubicles, department store rooms, cleaner's store room, pantry, reception, mail room, operations equipment store rooms, etc.


Project fee:  

$3,750 per ~150sqft of storage area 


+ add-on services/ products (if any)

+ 12% of add-on services/ products (if any)




3 to 5 days per storage area

(depending on complexity)


  • Layout and storage equipment recommendation

  • 2 to 3-person project team

  • Rubbish bags 

  • Donation bags

  • Wiping down interior of existing storage furniture

  • Loan of sortation boxes

  • Removing rubbish bags to the building's trash-collection point

Add-ons (recommended):

  • Purchase, delivery and assembly of storage furniture/ products



Add-ons (others):

  • Cleaning of the room or exterior of existing storage furniture

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