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  1. Edits declares that it has no interest whatsoever in any items belonging to the Client. 

  2. Edits undertakes all reasonable steps to ensure that the Client's confidential information remains confidential.  Edits declares that it has no interest whatsoever in any of such confidential information. 

  3. Edits will only remove items from the Client's premise(s) upon authorization from the Client.  Such items are deemed for disposal or for donation to charitable organizations.  Edits will not sell any of these items for profit. 

  4. The Client will be taught a customized 5-minute daily maintenance routine, so that they can maintain the organized space. 

  1. During the Project, Edits will request Information from the Client from time to time in order to facilitate timely completion of the project.  The Client agrees to provide such information in a timely manner and declares that the information provided is correct.  Should it be otherwise, the Client agrees that additional charges may be incurred and may be chargeable upon the discretion of Edits. 

  2. The Client acknowledges that items identified by the Client to be disposed of, or to be donated cannot be retrieved once they have been moved from the Client's premise(s). 

  3. The Client acknowledges that the decision to dispose, donate or retain items he/she owns is entirely his/her own.  If such decisions are taken against the advice and recommendation of Edits, the Client acknowledges that he/she will not hold Edits responsible for the consequences of these decisions, which may include additional costs to the Client. 

  4. The Client agrees to have its storage areas and the transformation process documented through photographs or video (before, during and after the Project), for Edits' archival purposes.  These photographs and videos are deemed the intellectual property of Edits. 

  5. The Client agrees to the use of such photographs and videos for Edits' marketing and promotions purposes.  If such photographs and videos are used, Edits undertakes all reasonable efforts to ensure that identifiable client information and confidential information are removed from the photographs and videos prior to publication in any media. 

  6. Upon Project completion, the Client agrees to fill in a feedback form and provide a testimonial to Edits.  The Client also agrees to the usage of such feedback and testimonial for Edits' marketing, promotions and operational improvement purposes. ​

  7. The Client warrants that there are no illegal items in their possession.

  8. The Client shall be on time for all appointments.  If Edits is unable to begin its work according to schedule due to lateness of Client or lack of access to the Location, the amount of time delayed is considered chargeable and shall count towards the hours spent on the project.  

  9. If an appointment is postponed within 3 days of before agreed appointment timing, and if the postponement is due to reasons deem unreasonable by Edits, such postponement is chargeable at $30 per postponement request.  

  1. The Project Duration is an estimate, and Edits may require more or less numberof hours to complete the project.  However, as much as is reasonable and possible, Edits endeavours to complete the Project within the stated Duration. 

  2. Upon embarking on the Project, should Edits judge the actual Project Duration to be longer than the Duration estimated time in the quotation due to factors not attributable to Edits, Edits reserve the right to revise its quotation to the Client.  If the Client chooses not to accept the revised quotation, and curtails the project before it can be completed with originally intended result, then Edits' service guarantee becomes invalid, as it is not able to bring the project to a full completion.  In this case, Edits' obligation towards the Client shall terminate upon fulfillment of Project hours.  Factors that can contribute to a longer Project Duration than quoted includes, but are not limited to the following:

  • Clutter packed too tightly.

  • Proper assessment of clutter situation is obstructed by other clutter around the location

  • The slowness of the Client in completing the purge

  • The decision of the Client, against Edits Inc's professional advice, to keep more items than can be reasonably stored in the place in an efficient and aesthetically-pleasing manner. 


  1. An amount equaling 50% of the Quotation is payable upon Project confirmation.  

  2. The remaining portion of the invoice is payable upon Project completion. 



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