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How does storage planning and design help me?

A home should be beautiful  AND practical

After spending loads of hard-earned money on a home, have you now become a slave to it?  Are you spending hours upon hours cleaning, organizing and keeping it free from clutter?  


A home should be beautiful, but it should also prove its worth in day-to-day use.  It has to be practical, adaptable to your needs, and be easy to use.  It should be a place that gives you the freedom to play and spend time with loved ones, not a place that takes up your precious time to get it clean and organized.


That's why good storage planning and design is necessary.  


It's easy to say we'll put a cupboard at one corner of the room, but is it at the right location?  How wide, deep or high should it be?  And how many shelves?  Should it have drawers or hooks or rails?  Or should it have doors?  And what should go in it


And if you're living in a rental home, what can be done to overcome its inherent storage constraints?  

So this is where we come in. 


To be free from clutter, storage spaces must be designed first with the function in mind.  The function determines how the workflow should be, which then dictates where the storage spaces are placed, the dimensions they need to be, and what items should they hold in order to make these work processes efficient.  


A good understanding of function, an efficient workflow design and maximized storage spaces - these 3 elements are what create true integration of form and function for any home.  


When we pay attention to all these, then a home will not only be beautiful to look at, but also be very easy to use, quick to clean and takes only minutes to maintain clutter-free.  


This is the kind of home we want to create for our clients. 


So book a consultation with us today and start your journey to clutter-free living, with ease!

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