I don't have enough storage space
I don't have enough storage space

Clutter doesn’t fall in line automatically when we have more storage space. In fact, more storage space often means more room to hide clutter. So what does it mean to “be organised”, and what is the best way to do it? How can we maximize our storage space regardless of how much (or how little) of it we have?

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I'm naturally disorganized!
I'm naturally disorganized!

Would you let a 9-year old kid swim or cook for the first time without proper instructions? There are no natural cooks or swimmers, yet we expect our family members to be “naturally organised”. Just like cooking or swimming, getting organised is a lifeskill that can be learnt. When taught and applied correctly, you will be “naturally organised” for the rest of your life!

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Renting extra storage won't help
Renting extra storage won't help

How would your things feel if they were locked up in a dark place, only to see the light of day once a year (or maybe…never)? That would be torture! But how can we find space in modern urban homes to accommodate everything we possess? Is it possible to maximize our storage spaces without it looking like a game of 3D Tetris?

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What if you can get organized once, and never have to do it again?  That'd be awesome, right?!


No more reminding the kids to clean up their room; no need to clear the dining table before dinner; no more growing mound of clothes in the closet; and no more frantic clean-ups when friends visit. 


A low-maintenance, yet clutter-free home can be your reality.  


Why?  Because organizing skills can be learnt.  It's like swimming, cooking, or cycling - learn it, and it's with you for life. 


For this workshop, we've distilled our approach into simple building blocks.  No "50 tips", "secrets", or "10 steps" - just basic principles to tackle all your organizing situations at home. 


The bonus?  If you apply our approach and your clutter returns, we'll refund your workshop fee!  So wait no more - register today!


Wednesdays,  10am to 12pm

Saturdays,  2pm - 4pm

Workshop fee:  
$68 (single); $116 (couple)

Money-back guaranteed


One-to-one consultation after workshop

Door gift pack worth over $150

Drinks and snacks provided 


Location: 165 Bedok South Road (map)


Am I "naturally disorganized"?

What does "being organized" mean?

How can I declutter quickly and effectively?

Fundamental organizing principles

Getting the right storage containers

2 guided home tours

One-to-one consultation (after workshop)